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Who is Professor Rushan Ziatdinov?

Professor Ziatdinov is a professor who has experience working in five universities, including top universities in South Korea, Russia, and Turkey. He was a Visiting Professor at Seoul National University (2012, 2014, 2016) and Shizuoka University (2013, 2014, 2020), one of the leading national universities in Japan. He enjoys connecting with intelligent researchers and professors from different countries. Please read his Curriculum Vitae and watch the YouTube video for more information. The list of his research publications is available here, here, and here.

Professor Ziatdinov enjoys composing and reading poems, quotes, and sayings, as well as photography and video production. In the past, he enjoyed playing chess and proposed one of the chess variants.

Prof. Rushan Ziatdinov has been a guest columnist at The Korea Times (a sister paper of 한국일보), South Korea's oldest English newspaper, since September 2021. His writings can be found on the Internet (here or here).

Short Introduction | 짧은 소개

3D 프린팅 또는 적층 가공은 디지털 3D 모델에서 3차원 입체 물체를 만드는 프로세스입니다. 3D 프린팅 된 물체의 생성은 물체가 생성될 때까지 재료의 연속적인 층을 쌓아 물체가 생성되는 적층 프로세스(additive process)를 사용하여 이루어집니다. 이러한 각 레이어는 객체의 얇게 썬 단면으로 볼 수 있습니다. 3D 프린팅은 예를 들어 밀링 머신을 사용하여 금속 또는 플라스틱 조각으로 잘라내거나 내부를 도려내는 절삭 가공(subtractive manufacturing)의 반대입니다. 3D 프린팅을 사용하면 기존 제조 방법보다 적은 재료를 사용하여 복잡한 기하학적 모양을 생성할 수 있습니다.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital 3D model. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes, in which an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced cross-section of the object. 3D printing is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, which is cutting out or hollowing out a piece of metal or plastic with, for instance, a milling machine. 3D printing enables us to produce complex geometric shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods.

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I would especially like to thank the students who helped me compile this list of software tools. Without their help I might have missed some wonderful tools.


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Students' Projects | 학생들의 프로젝트

Authors: Alyamani Edrees and Christian Fischer (Fall 2019)

Authors: Alyamani Edrees and Christian Fischer (Fall 2019)

Author: Katharina Hofmann (Spring 2018)

Author: Ho Jun Lee and others (Fall 2019)

YouTube Videos | 유튜브 비디오

(c) 3D-Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000

(d) Seven amazing 3D printers.

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