Jobs in Korea

Guidelines on Employment for International Students in Korea

Jobs on University Websites

Various Jobs

  1. Study in Korea website |

  2. Craiglist jobs |

  3. Waygook |

  4. Koreabridge |

  5. LinkedIn |

  6. PeoplenJob – Best Korean job search engine for foreigners, including job opportunities with international firms and embassies. Some jobs are posted in English |

  7. Seoul Professionals – A good site with job opportunities for varying levels of experience. Targeted at professionals rather than English teaching opportunities |

  8. Kopra – Excellent resource for internships, particularly for those from EU nations. Lists opportunities not just for Korea but all over East Asia |

  9. KOTRA -- Global Talent Recruiting Center |

  10. Job Band | |

  11. HiBrain (jobs for professors, scientists, research engineers) |

Jobs in Mid-Sized Corporations

Job Fairs

Jobs in Language Academies (Hagwons)