"The 5th industrial revolution will be related to the evolution of human minds and humanism."
[Prof. Rushan Ziatdinov]

Resume (CV)

Prof. Rushan Ziatdinov has been a columnist at The Korea Times (a sister newspaper of 한국일보), South Korea's oldest English newspaper,  since September 2021. His writings can be found on the Internet (here or here).

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Who is Professor Rushan Ziatdinov?

Rushan Ziatdinov is a Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea. He obtained his MS degree in the area of Mathematical Methods in Economics and Control (Management) in Mechanical Engineering Enterprises from Kama State Polytechnic Institute (now a part of Kazan Federal University, a top-ranked and prestigious university in Russia) and has a PhD degree in Mathematical Modelling, Numeric Methods, Program Software from Ulyanovsk State University (formerly known as Lomonosov Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk) in Russia

At the beginning of his academic career, he held the positions of Assistant Professor in the Department of Geometry and Mathematical Modelling at Tatar State University of Humanities and Education and the Department of Special Mathematics at Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University (Kazan University of Aviation), Kazan, Russia. He then moved to Seoul National University, South Korea, where he was a postdoc in the Computer-Aided Design and Information Technology Lab (CADIT Lab) at the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. From 2011-2015 he was a faculty member in Istanbul, Turkey. In July 2013, he was selected by SAMSUNG SDI and was invited to work in South Korea, but Prof. Ziatdinov decided to continue his job as a professor. He was a Visiting Professor at Seoul National University (2012, 2014, 2016) and Shizuoka University (2013, 2014, 2020), one of the leading national universities in Japan.

His research interests include computer-aided geometric design, CAD/CAM, visualization, computer models in science and engineering, instructional technologies, and computer and realistic modelling. Professor Ziatdinov is an editor for several engineering and educational journals, and the author of a number of peer-reviewed publications published in top journals.

Professor Ziatdinov enjoys composing and reading poems, quotes, and sayings, as well as photography and video production. In the past, he enjoyed playing chess and proposed one of the chess variants.

Keimyung University's name is derived from the Chinese character 啓明 (Qǐmíng), which can be interpreted as the process of bringing light or clarity, metaphorically referring to the spreading of knowledge and wisdom. This combination suggests the act of enlightening others or being enlightened, reflecting a general sense of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. It can also have connotations of intellectual awakening or the dawn of knowledge. Please read more about the meaning of the related Chinese characters here.

啓明 (Qǐmíng) can also be translated as the planet Venus, especially in the context of classical Chinese astronomy and poetic or literary usage, where it refers specifically to Venus as the morning star. In Chinese, Venus is often called 啓明星 (Qǐmíngxīng), where 星 (xīng) means "star", but it's not the most common modern term for the planet. In modern Chinese, Venus is more commonly called 金星 (jīnxīng).

For more information, visit https://www.ziatdinov-lab.com/manuscripts/what-is-the-meaning-of-keimyung 

📷  My Hobby: Photography

Photography is something that I am highly interested in. Although I do not consider myself a professional photographer, I am constantly improving. I shoot with my two Nikon DSLR cameras the majority of the time. I use Google Maps to share my photos, and they've received over three million views. Some of my photos can also be seen on Pixabay, and a few of them have been used in media articles. Please contact me at ziatdinov@kmu.ac.kr if you are interested in photography and want to share your thoughts and experiences. You may see some of my photographs in the "Photography" part of my website.

🏠︎  Location and Office Hours

Postal Address:

Department of Industrial Engineering (Office 4308), College of Engineering, Building No. 4, Keimyung University, 1000 Shindang-dong, Dalseo-Gu, 704-701 Daegu, South Korea. 

The campus map is available here.

Office hours: Anytime on Monday (by appointment via the EDWARD system)


Tel. (office): (+82)-053-580-5286 

E-mail: ziatdinov@kmu.ac.kr

For a complete list of my publications, please see my ResearchGate or Google Scholar profiles. Please email me at ziatdinov.rushan@gmail.com or ziatdinov@kmu.ac.kr if you are interested in some of my works.