Visit to the 18th Internet Conference in Turkey

Roughly 15 students from the department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology actively attended and participated the recent “18th Internet Conference in Turkey”  (inet-tr’13) in Istanbul University, Beyazit Campus, held from 9th of December till 13th  2013.  
The attendance of our very own BÖTE members were made possible by the warm invitation personally sent by Prof. Dr. Sevinç Gülseçen, Head of the Informatics Department, Istanbul University and one of the coordinators in the conference.
The conference started with the registration of youngsters (i.e. university students) eager to attend and participate each and every talk in the said program. The opening remarks was given by Dr. Mustafa Akgül, one of the most key pieces in the conference. He was also known as the “Father of Internet” in Turkey for his unwavering internet-related conferences among universities inside and outside Turkey. He is also a lecturer in Bilkent University.
Our BÖTE members were enlightened in some of the trends we face today in the field of internet. There were talks which focused on how social media influence people,  how to create a campaign on the net,  digital natives and many more. These talks were speerheaded by different respective universities such as Galatasaray University, Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi and Istanbul University.

Below are some of the pictures showing our BÖTE members in the said conference.


Sajid Musa & Dr. Rushan Ziatdinov