Computer Hardware (CET 205/A)

2012-2013 "COMPUTER HARDWARE", CET 205/A, Credit:3
2012-2013 "COMPUTER HARDWARE", CET 205/LAB A, Credit:3

Course detailed description can be found here.

Objectives of the Course/Dersin amacı: Computer installation and peripheral labor principa, new technology, maintenance and repair computer and skill cause to win something.

My expectations of you/Öğrencilerden beklentilerim:

in English:
  • Ability to write correct and polite business letters to all of your professors. An example can be found here. You may also refer to the book "How to Say It" which provides clear and practical guidance for what to say and what not to say in any situation.
  • Bringing your laptops at each lesson;
  • Doing homework at time;
  • Attending to lessons and listening to your professors;
  • Doing everything precisely and in details;
  • Doing everything at time without being late;
  • Working hard;
  • Trying to understand every topic as much as you can;
  • Working in groups;
  • Trying to make research in areas connected with this course;
  • Communicating in clear English;
  • Preparing for midterm and final exam;
  • Everyday progress in your studies.
in Turkish:
  • Tüm profesörlerinize doğru, kibar ve iş mailleri tarzında ciddi mailler yazmanız. Örnek maili buradan bulabilirsiniz. Ayrıca, "How to Say It" kitabına bakarak herhangi bir durumda ne söyleyip ne söylemeyeceğinizi net bir şekilde öğrenebilirsiniz;
  • Dizüstü bilgisayarlarınızı her derse getirmeniz;
  • Zamanında ödevlerinizi yapmanız;
  • Derslerinize katılmanız ve profesörlerinizi dinlemeniz;
  • Her şeyi titizce ve detayları ile yapmanız;
  • Her şeyi  zamanında yapmanız;
  • Sıkı çalışmanız;
  • Her konuyu en iyi şekilde anlamaya çalışmanız;
  • Gruplar şeklinde çalışmanız;
  • Dersimiz ile alakalı araştırmalar yapmanız;
  • Anlaşılır bir İngilizce ile iletişim kurmanız;
  • Ara ve Final sınavlarına hazırlanmanız;
  • Çalışmalarınızda her gün gelişme göstermeniz.
Recommended Reading/Derste kullanılacak kaynaklar:
  • Ron White and Timothy Edward Downs, How Computers Work (8th Edition), 2007.
  • Ron White and Timothy Edward Downs, How Computers Work (9th Edition), 2007.
  • Roger Young, How Computers Work: Processor And Main Memory (2nd Edition), 2009.
  • Frank J. Derfler and Les Freed, How Networks Work (7th Edition), 2004 [Book Description].
  • Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken, The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles, 2005 [Book Description].
  • Hans Peter Messmer, The Indispensable PC Hardware Book (4th Edition), 2001.
  • Arnold S. Berger. (2005). Hardware and computer organization: a guide for software professionals, ISBN 0-7506-7886-0.

  1. Find/buy all recommended books in pdf or djvu format.
  2. Collect all your emails in one *.txt file, and send to my email. Emails should be separated with commas (,).
  3. Write down the objectives of the course, course description, learning outcomes (expectations), and provide references of recommended books and textbooks in both English and Turkish languages into your exercise book. You can find all needed information here.
Midterm Exam questions (40%)
The first 7 questons from the final exam.

Final Exam questions (60%)
  1. Operating systems (OS);
  2. Central processing units (CPU);
  3. RAM;
  4. ROM;
  5. Graphic cards;
  6. Motherboards;
  7. System resources;
  8. Monitors (LCD, CRT etc.);
  9. Data storage devices;
  10. Bios and setup;
  11. Ports and cables;
  12. Modems and Ethernet;
  13. 3D Printers.